A Balanced Life – Does this exist?

It’s nearly 10 pm as I start writing this entry and I feel like I have not done anything on my To Do list. This isn’t true because I’ve made sugar cookie dough, done dishes, sorted laundry, run a couple loads of said laundry, cleaned my kitchen, picked out new floors and made 2 more social life plans while rescheduling 2 more. But I feel like I haven’t done anything because I have paperwork sitting that is 2 weeks overdue, a work To Do list that includes taking a photo of myself for an ID badge, cut out flyers for category books and create activity cards.

My week includes/ed: Full work week (for me, not truly 40 hours) plus wings on Monday, dinner with inlaws Wednesday, coffee with girlfriend and dinner with married couple on Friday, dinner with married couple on Saturday and church on Sunday. I effectively have tonight and Thursday night to accomplish all I want to accomplish. I feel exhausted looking at my schedule. In fact, I’ve been wanting to write a post for a few days but haven’t found the time for it because when I actually have some down time I just want to sleep.

That being said, I have to really make an effort to have  a social life, a home life, a job and a spiritual life. I find it incredibly challenging to find a healthy balance between all of these. This week is unusual in how many social appointments I made, but I find that if I don’t force myself to make plans and to commit to them, I don’t have a social life at all. If I have a great social life, my home life suffers. If I have too much of a home life, my job and social life suffer. Nothing suffers from having a spiritual life that dominates all. I’m just guilty of not making enough time in my day for spiritual time with God. Shame on me. But I honestly want to know and want to hear how you find a balance between everything you do in life.

How do you find that happy balance between home, friends, marriage (if it applies to you, this could be significant other too), work or school, and God?

For those that read this blog and know me and access it via Facebook, please leave a comment! I know you’re all reading this, don’t be afraid to drop a thought or anything! I welcome it =) Discussions are greater when they are not one sided and in my head.

Now that I’ve gotten my “balance” of home life tonight, I suppose I should get onto the work life portion. Here’s to happy thoughts!

Real gold fears no fire,


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