My muscles cry out in anger!

… I am looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow, my poor legs/shoulders need it!

I’ve finally kicked my butt into gear and got my poop in a pile about losing some weight. I did some yoga yesterday and ran today, so my poor thighs are protesting by sending sharp pain signals to my brain every time I take a step.  It’ll be worth it, I know it. Ultimately, for me, it is about losing weight and being thin and feeling good about my body, but I know I’ll benefit from being healthier and all the other pluses that come with a balanced life. For now the idea of being 10 lbs lighter is my driving force

What kicked my butt into gear? Honestly, a comment by my husband over the weekend. Now, don’t misread as my hubs did not say anything negative about my weight or say I should lose weight, etc. We were getting dressed to go out with some friends and I was putting on my old jeans (I managed to rip my two good pairs in a week. That’s another story) and they were a little tight. Now when the hubs and I started dating, I put on some weight due to the honeymoon stage we were in and our lack of care about what we were eating. I crested into a size 10 and nearly died out of embarrassment. I’ve never worn a size 10 in my life before then, nor since then. I know that a size 10 really isn’t big, not in the world of average women, but for me it’s just unthinkable. Anyhow, I was pulling the jeans on and my husband asked (again, like he does all the time for whatever reason) if those were my 10’s. I was sick of him asking and emphatically reminded him I haven’t worn a size 10 in 2 years. Then he made an offhand comment that maybe it was time to step up a size in the pants department. Well, that really hit a nerve. Needless to say, the following day I spent 1/2 an hour doing yoga and re-vamped our fridge, pantry and meal plans for the next month.

My current weight is around 150, and my goal weight is 135 for right now. Why for right now? Because I know that I could get down lower and be healthier. For now, I’m working towards 135 and when I reach that point I’ll set a new goal weight.

My insecure, image focused part of me is just embarrassed to have thicker thighs and a bit of a Buddha belly. I want to be svelte, and frankly I want to do it before I have kids. My youth will run out and I don’t want to wait until I’m 35 with a post-baby body and carrying an extra 60 lbs to try and look my best. I’m in my prime – I want to look my best now.

Real gold fears no fire (or treadmill!),

Torrie xoxo


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