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January 26, 2011

Fever, fever.

This week is a pretty decent week so far. I had dinner with my family last night, and I had this afternoon off (instead of Friday) and I’m seeing friends tomorrow night onward for the rest of the weekend. Score! A most excellent weekend to come.

I have a fever. And it’s not a contagious fever. It’s not disco fever either.

It’s baby fever. And what sayeth you to that? FOOL, I’m sure. Why in my right mind would I even be thinking about babies? Because I just am it seems. All I want these days is a precious little babe to care for.

I defy scoiety’s opinions on marriage and children. I got married at 19 because that’s why I wanted (and went against a lot of opinions about it) and I plan on having kids as a young adult because I believe that’s how God designed it to be. I’m saying that because I am positive there are peeps reading this who think I’m nuts. Especially my friends who are also 21/22 that are college students. What a dramatic difference between lives hey? Me = married, working, thinking of babies, paying a mortgage. Friends = some still living at home, some renting, going to school full/part time, working part time, dating/single. Maybe this is why I have a serious decline in friends. Maybe I’m hard to relate to? I digress.

I believe my baby fever is appropriately placed. My husband however, does not agree so much at this point.

No babies in the near future, just putting it out there that I want one is all. My great revelation for the day for y’all.

Oh, and the cartoon was posted just because I like it. It’s funny because I love Calvin and Hobbes and Fight Club. A perfect marriage, I think, in this cartoon. Marriage, ha irony! (okay maybe just to me.)

Real gold fears no fire,

Torrie xoxo

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