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October 11, 2011

grout musings

I suppose I should be making entries a bit more frequent, no? If I’m going to claim to have a blog and one with substance at that at. Ah well, here goes.

I’m moving in exactly 11 days into a new house in a new “town” (I put town in quotations because it’s technically not even a hamlet it’s that small). I am ecstatic about it for several reasons, mainly that it’s a bigger house that I foresee as our forever home. One that we can have start a family in, raise kids in, and retire in. I’m quite happy about it all. We’ve been working our behinds off getting it fixed up to move into. It was a foreclosure so it was in rough shape for a 4 year old house. We had the carpets replaced and the whole place painted because the walls and floors were so gross. The family before us had 5 kids and essentially let them do as they pleased in there. During all the hours I spent cleaning the floors and walls and every square inch of that place, I thought alot about how I’m going to raise my kids. These things come up as you’re cleaning toothpaste that’s been on the grout for who knows how long and permanent autographs off your solid oak cabinets

Part of me worries that I will be what I call a Nazi parent. You know those parents. The one who’s kids aren’t allowed to do anything for fear the monsters will mess up their home or embarrass them in public. My dad was a bit of a Nazi parent. His famous saying was “Remember who you are and who you’re with”, which was his one-line reminder for us to not embarrass him while we were out. He also instituted things like an 8 pm curfew when I was 13 and only being allowed to go to places that a had a land-line to call him at once we arrived. Looking back, I appreciate his fervor for discipline and well-behaved kids, however it was a bit mislead perhaps. He took things a little over the edge more often than not, but I know his intentions were good. My mom was almost the exact opposite. She was more relaxed, more laid-back and generally just didn’t care about appearances as much. We appreciated it and loved her for it because we felt we had more freedom and I personally felt like I disappointed her less. That being said, we used her for all we could get. We knew if we just angled a request the right way we could eventually get anything we wanted. We understood that we could get away with murder if we wanted to and often took advantage of that. My teens were spent pretty well doing what I pleased, when I pleased, with no one to answer to. I went through grade 12 with a curfew of 2 AM and no groundings despite coming home drunk and harboring my under-age drunk friends as well. 

I love both my parents unconditionally. They are human and therefore do everything in line with their own upbringing, experiences and personality. I could not have had 2 more opposite parents. They disagreed on everything when it came on how to raise us. Everything. One would say one thing, the other would contradict it. Dad was the disciplinarian who never let us do anything and Mom was the friend who would say yes if we just whined enough. What worries me is that people say you end up becoming your parents. I honestly don’t want to be either of my parents when I have kids. I can see the positives from both, but I know the negatives and don’t believe that one was ever more right than the other.

So as I get my new house ready for a home and dream about filling it with little monsters, I still face the question: What kind of parent do I want to be for my future kids? It’s a big question but one that I know God will give answers to. Hopefully I can figure it out partially before I bring any kiddos into this world.

Real gold fears no fire,

Torrie xoxo

June 2, 2011

creature of aesthetic pleasure.

I’m finally sitting down to put some words to the proverbial paper on here. The week has been busy and I’m looking forward to the weekend. My sister is staying with us while my mom is out of town, so I hope we can watch a girly movie and just veg out for a while.

The Lilac Festival on Sunday was a delight! I ran into an old friend and got to catch up for a little bit. Isn’t that such an topper to a great day, seeing an old friend? It sure is for me. I also managed to pick up a print from a local artist, Chika Ando, which is too adorable not to show you! 

Image via Chika Ando

I also finally got a pair of earrings from Cloud + Lolly, an Edmonton based accessories designer. Their stuff is too cute to pass up, so I got a pair of bird earrings. I saw their stuff at a Market Collective previously and coveted all their stuff but alas did not purchase any. So now I have some of their jewelery and am more than pleased with them!

My finds from the weekend tie into my current find of this week: a “new” set of night tables and dresser! I’m so beyond pleased with them – we found them used via Kijiji (seriously, the people who invented this site are pure genius!) and scored them for a great deal. After a year of nagging, the hubs finally agreed to letting me get some different bedroom furniture to replace the gross early 90’s pressed wood with gold handle ones we’re rocking now. The dresser needs a bit of work as the drawers stick quite bad, and unfortunately all the pieces are too big to fit in our bedroom! The Hubs solution is so router down the size of the table tops on the night stands because the overhang is like 3 inches all the way around. They’re over 2 feet wide a piece! And the dresser is just over 6 feet long – they are MONSTER pieces! But so worth it =) The photo isn’t great, but it gives an idea of what they look like!

We’re planning on adding a bit more cream to the all over colour because they’re too dark still for my liking. 

To add to our list of finds this week, we scored a patio set for cheap from a golf course that’s redecorating. It’s a small glass table with 4 white wrought iron style chairs. They’re lovely! I’m thinking of painting them a robin’s egg blue.. Not too sure yet =) And we are also finally getting a bedframe!! Hooray! Unfortunately this one is just from Ikea, not a great find haha. But it’s a white wrought iron frame, so it’s going to match the look I’m ultimately going for in our room. 

I’m so happy that all these home decorating ideas are finally coming in fruition. Sometimes it’s hard for the hubs to understand why I want to put nice things in our home and decorate it so have a hard time finding compromise on it. He sees the things like having a deck, or new crown molding as the important items in the house. I do too, but I also want our house to reflect our personalities and be welcoming to our friends and family. I’ve been itching for months to get creative in our house and make it our own. We painted part of the kitchen/entrance way about a year ago or so but nothing since then. A large part of it is that I’m a very visual person and my environment affects my day to day attitudes and such. So for me a home that reflects who I am is the ultimate comfort because then I know it’s truly me through and through. I want to know that I feel safe and happy when I walk in my front door because of my husband and also because of my home. I’m super visual, so having interesting and inviting decor makes my home that much more cozy to me.

Speaking of home, I need to write out a meal plan/grocery list for tomorrow’s hunt. Wish me luck!

Real gold fears no fire,

Torrie xoxo

February 8, 2011

A Balanced Life – Does this exist?

It’s nearly 10 pm as I start writing this entry and I feel like I have not done anything on my To Do list. This isn’t true because I’ve made sugar cookie dough, done dishes, sorted laundry, run a couple loads of said laundry, cleaned my kitchen, picked out new floors and made 2 more social life plans while rescheduling 2 more. But I feel like I haven’t done anything because I have paperwork sitting that is 2 weeks overdue, a work To Do list that includes taking a photo of myself for an ID badge, cut out flyers for category books and create activity cards.

My week includes/ed: Full work week (for me, not truly 40 hours) plus wings on Monday, dinner with inlaws Wednesday, coffee with girlfriend and dinner with married couple on Friday, dinner with married couple on Saturday and church on Sunday. I effectively have tonight and Thursday night to accomplish all I want to accomplish. I feel exhausted looking at my schedule. In fact, I’ve been wanting to write a post for a few days but haven’t found the time for it because when I actually have some down time I just want to sleep.

That being said, I have to really make an effort to have  a social life, a home life, a job and a spiritual life. I find it incredibly challenging to find a healthy balance between all of these. This week is unusual in how many social appointments I made, but I find that if I don’t force myself to make plans and to commit to them, I don’t have a social life at all. If I have a great social life, my home life suffers. If I have too much of a home life, my job and social life suffer. Nothing suffers from having a spiritual life that dominates all. I’m just guilty of not making enough time in my day for spiritual time with God. Shame on me. But I honestly want to know and want to hear how you find a balance between everything you do in life.

How do you find that happy balance between home, friends, marriage (if it applies to you, this could be significant other too), work or school, and God?

For those that read this blog and know me and access it via Facebook, please leave a comment! I know you’re all reading this, don’t be afraid to drop a thought or anything! I welcome it =) Discussions are greater when they are not one sided and in my head.

Now that I’ve gotten my “balance” of home life tonight, I suppose I should get onto the work life portion. Here’s to happy thoughts!

Real gold fears no fire,


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