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May 16, 2011

My home, my canvas.

Sparrows in Vintage Yellow

I’m anxiously waiting to make my new duvet cover from an excellent fabric by Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit. I ordered it a week or two ago and I just want to make it into a beautiful bedspread already! Here’s a clip of it via Hawthorne Threads, who I ordered it from. If you’re looking for designer fabrics at a reasonable price, they are great! And seeing as the Canadian dollar is pretty good right now, the exchange rate is still good. I’m just waiting for our finances to free up a bit so I can get some gray fabric for the reverse. I’m planning on making a double-sided duvet, one side in gray, the other in the patterned fabric in a striped pattern. (The fabric is only 45″ wide, so I have to do some sort of pattern) I also got enough fabric to make matching pillow cases to go with. 

I’m on a new kick for decorating our house. We’ve been living here for over a year and a half and some areas still look like we just moved in. It’s a bit depressing actually. We painted our entranceway/kitchen this nice deep royal blue shade about a year ago. We love it but haven’t done anything else to the rest of the house. I’ve been crawling the internet looking for DIY ideas and I’ve totally been inspired to make my own home decor rather than look for it in a store. I love the challenge and the ability to custom make something that is just for us!

My other home project is this can decor idea I found through Ready Made.

I’m thinking I’ll be making ours blue inside and cream on the outside. That’s not set in stone but it goes with the colour theme in the house.

Aside from home decorating ideas, I’m also embarking on an art journal as well. I picked up a journal for it and a book to get some ideas from to start with. Hopefully it becomes a book of expression and freedom for me!

Now, I need to get back to my top secret project which I will not be able to reveal for about a month! =)

Real gold fears no fire,

Torrie xox