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July 17, 2011

Plato for inspiration?

Hi all!

It’s been a while since dabbling in the blog world. Life has gotten hectic over the last month or more, and honestly I was just lacking the oomph to write anything. Hopefully I found something that works out to a good post…

I use Pinterest and came across this quote this evening:

Normally I don’t like to look to philosopher’s quotes for inspiration – I find most of them to be different than my belief system, and sometimes just too plain worldly. As I was looking through photos of yummy desserts and lovely shoes (Pinterest seems to solely be made up of women who love pretty things!) I came across this photo. I first noticed it because of the design layout and font choice – it’s visually interesting, which I love. I read this quote and instantly thought to myself “What a true and sobering reminder.” 

We all get caught up in our own worlds and I know that we’ve all had that moment where our world is more important than anyone else’s. Your sense of entitlement takes over and anyone who doesn’t meet your expectations is instantly a bad person, a loser, a jerk, etc. You know that moment. You’re at the gas station and the cashier who serves you is rude, short and acts like you’re wasting their time. You take offense to their attitude and service and sum them up to be a worthless skeeze bag who probably has this job because they can’t hold a real job. 

 We get so caught up in our own selfishness that we can’t see past it to see that these people are just like us. They have bad days, they have problems in their lives, they have relationships and family. They are making their way through life just the same as me. I know I sometimes treat them poorly and think they’re worthless because of their actions, but thankfully God grants me the wisdom now and then to realize they are just like me, and He gives me some of His grace to give to them. We are all truly fighting a hard battle that’s called life. Some of us are fighting it alone; some of us with a Father to guide us. I know this was a helpful reminder to treat everyone around me kindly, no matter the circumstances, because I don’t know what their story is.  I hope this can be encouraging to you as well to push yourself past you, to see into others.

Real gold fears no fire,

Torrie xoxo