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May 18, 2011


My palette as of late!

I’m currently sitting here after a lovely evening of drawing and painting, watching some reality tv about prison and drinking a tea. Overall, pretty good place to be for a wednesday night.

I undertook the project of a visual/art journal this week and I am beyond excited about it! I finally have the art itch back and it’s consuming my waking days.  I find myself rushing through dinner and other obligations to hide myself in the far corner of the basement in my newly declared impromptu “studio.”  

Isn’t there a part of everyone who wishes they could do what they love for a living? I know part of me always pines for a life where I can paint, write, and cook all day yet somehow make a living off of it all.  I recognize that these are ambitious ideas and that few people are able to catapult into the arena of success via artistic endeavors. But one is allowed to dream, right?  I mean before I get ambitious and lofty I would have to become great or even genius at my practice. And for my own reality check, I am neither at my work yet. I’ll continue to persevere even if only to inspire myself and close friends/family (if they even like my work). Besides, I told you all and myself that my intent for my art is for me and me alone. Focus on that; the rest will come in time.

In other life news, I started reading Little Women this week. I’m thoroughly enjoying the classic and will now bid adieu to curl up in bed next to my hubby with it. Escapism is my favourite past time I think ;) Whether it be books or art!

Real gold fears no fire,

Torrie xoxo